110-2 Course Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal  From March 28, 2022 to May 8,2022

  1. Applications for course withdrawals for general courses should be submitted in the 7-12th week of the semester as indicated on the NTNU school calendar. For short-term intensive courses, please submit your application before the last working day before the course ends. Late applications will not be accepted.
  2. Log into the NTNU information integrated system (Pathway: Academic Affairs Related system/ Academic Affairs system ). Submit your withdrawal application online .
  3. Approval for an application for course withdrawal shall proceed in the following order: course instructor, academic advisor (for courses over 3 academic credits), departmental TA, departmental chair. For an application to pass, each party must submit their approval.
  4. Students should pay attention to whether approval has been submitted by the necessary personnel within the Application Period. If their form has not been approved during the application period, their application shall be considered as rejected
  5. Courses that have been withdrawn from will be marked with a “W” on the student’s academic transcript. Academic credits from the course will not be counted towards the student’s total academic credits for the semester. In accordance with university regulations, any tuition or fees paid for the course shall not be returned and payment of any outstanding fees or tuition shall be required.

Office of Academic Affairs

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