Degree Programs

Ph.D. Program

Our Ph.D. program emphasizes the theoretical, innovative, and fundamental aspects of Library and Information Studies. With the rapid development of digital content and Internet technologies, new forms of knowledge media and service models have emerged and led to major paradigm shifts in library and information studies field. Our doctoral program curriculum centers on the following six key domains of interest:

Theories and Research Methods in Library and Information Studies.
l   Theories and Methods of Information and Knowledge Organization.
l   Theories and Methods of Information Use and Users.
l   Information Service and Organization Management.
l   Digital and Internet Technologies.
l   Knowledge Industry and Information Society.

Master Program

The curriculum design of our master’s program emphasizes integration and application of knowledge. In addition to core courses on theories and methods, students are encouraged to take key courses valuing both theories and practices, for developing independent thinking and practical ability. The specially designed “Digital Archives and E-Publishing Laboratory”, “Information Literacy and E-Learning Laboratory”, and “Knowledge Discovery and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Humanities” are for students to develop abilities for multimedia research and applications through hands-on experiences of designing and developing digital services, E-learning, knowledge, and AI systems. Through the practical training, students are able to become information service professionals who are familiar with both digital media and knowledge management.

Online Continuing Education Master’s Program of Library and Information Studies

To realize the ideals of in-service education, the education goal of our In-Service Master’s program is to cultivate library information service talents to possess technology skills and managerial abilities. The key courses include Planning and Management of Digital Library and Information Services Systems, Design and Development of Online Information Services, Multimedia Systems Applications, and Management and Marketing of Library Information Systems.