The online application system for international students is opened until mid-March or end of October every year. Please check for more information from the following websites:

NTNU Office of International Affairs

Application system:


There are various channels to apply scholarships or tuition waiver for both MS and Ph.D. students, namely NTNU Graduate Student Scholarships, Tuition Waiver Program for International Students, MOST (Ministry of Science & Technology) sponsorship from the advisor’s MOST project, MOE (Ministry of Education) Taiwan Scholarship, and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Taiwan Scholarship. Detailed information is available at:

Master's Degrees

The curriculum design of our master’s program emphasizes integration and application of knowledge. In addition to core courses on theories and methods, students are encouraged to take key courses valuing both theories and practices, for developing independent thinking and practical ability. Through the practical training, students are cultivated to become information service professionals who are familiar with both digital media and knowledge management.

♦ Admission Prospectus for International Students (Fall 2020 – Spring 2022)

Doctoral Degrees

With the rapid development of digital content and Internet technologies, new forms of knowledge media and service models have emerged and led to major paradigm shifts in library and information studies. Our Ph.D. program emphasizes the LIS theoretical ground with innovative discovery, centering on the following domains of interest: Information and Knowledge Organization, Information Use and Users, Information Service and Organization Management, Digital Humanities, Human Computer Interaction, Data Science, and Reading and Literacy.

♦ Admission Prospectus for International Students (Fall 2020 – Spring 2022)