Adjusted COVID Prevention Measures Starting Feb. 22, 2022

NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement(Feb. 22, 2022)

Adjusted COVID Prevention Measures Starting Feb. 22, 2022

Campus Entry Access Control:

Access control will be enforced from 08:00 to 17:00 on working days (see table). Present a Day Pass, an NTU System School ID or a proof of business visit to enter campus.

Campuses will be open between 06:00-08:00 and 17:00-24:00 during non-working hours, and 06:00-24:00 on weekends and holidays. Please follow the access control protocol at each building.

Entry Access Control at Each Campus On Working Days
Campus Entrance/Exit Entry access control
(Must present a Day Pass/
eligible ID/document of proof)
Opening hours
Heping Campus Main Gate 08:00-17:00 06:00-08:00
College of Liberal Arts
Side Entrance
Shida Road Underpass 08:00-17:00
Field and Track Side Entrance
& Car Park West Entrance 2
Swimming Pool Side Entrance Closed
Field and Track Car Park
East 2 Side Entrance
Heping Campus Library Side Entrance 08:00-17:00
General Building Front Door 08:00-17:00
Education Building
Side Entrance
(Motorcycle Parking)
West Underground
Cark Park (Rome Square)
Linkou Campus Main and Back Gates 08:00-17:00
Linkou Campus Main Gate 08:00-17:00
Student Dorm 7
Side Entrance
Postgraduate Dorm
Side Entrance
Closed 17:00-24:00
1. NTNU buildings outside of campus will enforce their own access control.
2. The school may change access control hours and measures due to on-campus major events.


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