International Affairs

    Our institute encourages students to take part in international exchange activities and professional internships. Regarding the internship, students are required to participate as intern at LIS –related service institutions or industry before graduation, in order to better understand the professional needs at work, and explore more career opportunities. As for the international exchange activities, our institute has created various international channels of academic exchange, equipping our students with diverse international learning experience.

    For example, we continue to partner with the Southern College in Malaysia, sending an average of 10 students abroad to serve and learn at various libraries of junior and senior high schools in Malaysia in summer.

    We work with the libraries at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM) and the State University of New York-Albany (SUNY) to build up professional internship channels, offering students the opportunities to intern at the academic libraries in the U.S. Two students had been interning at SUNY-Albany in 2009, and regularly four students will be going to UWM for their internship since 2010. Besides, we also sign the Memorandum of Understanding with several LIS programs in the U.S., including the School of Communication, Information & Library Science at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in hoping to co-develop and launch various projects together, including distance learning, students exchange, as well as independent study.


    In addition to offering students the diverse learning opportunities mentioned above, we also provide our students scholarships for traveling overseas and attending conferences abroad. Our students successfully attended the ALA, IFLA, ICADL, IASL, ASIS&T, and so on. Through the various academic and scholarship opportunities mentioned above, our students could obtain various international training opportunities, thus accumulating more international exposure.

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