Our goal lies in developing the managerial and research talents in knowledge services, as well as conducting research in knowledge preservation, organization, value creation, dissemination, and management, with the expectation to create values for knowledge users in the knowledge-based society. 

  We aim to cultivate students into roles as:

  1. Managerial Talents of Knowledge Services Institutions
    As the traditional libraries are transforming into digital libraries, the production, distribution and service environment all differ from traditional ones, and so are the required knowledge and skills. There is a lack of managerial talents in digital libraries as well as the burgeoning knowledge service institutions, and our program aims to fill this gap.

  2. Managerial Talents of learning Resources Centers
    Design and development of learning resources centers contribute to academic development and educational reform. Talents for learning resources centers must have knowledge and skills of library management, as well as knowledge of learning support, team teaching and information literacy. 

  3. Corporate and Institutional Knowledge Management Talents
    The core value of library and information studies is to promote knowledge management at the personal, institutional and societal levels. Therefore the Institute aims to cultivate talents who not only excel at scholarly knowledge management, but also value the needs of business and organizations. Such managerial talents are expected to undertake the task of organizing business knowledge and applying information technologies. 

  4. Managerial Talents of Digital Content
    The Institute has achieved in developing projects of digital preservation and e-learning. In addition to educating talents for creating and managing digital content, our program also aims to nurture managerial and administrative talents who have interdisciplinary knowledge backgrounds and research skills.

  5. Teaching and Research Talents in Library and Information Studies
    For enhancing the quality of teaching and research in library and information studies field, the Institute has been actively cultivating outstanding teachers and researchers in this field. We expect those talents to possess international perspectives, empathy in humanity and technological lense.  Especially through our doctoral program, we cultivate students to conduct interdisciplinary, influential and original research, as well as to possess the capability of international teaching and research collaboration.
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